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Desura-icon Desura is a defunct digital distribution service for Windows, Mac, and Linux. They co-hosted Indie Royale and also offer a large variety of indie games. As of March 24. 2016, would only be accessed by a special edit to the DNS Host file (Windows). Within a day or two later, the site and all the downloadable games within were no longer accessible.

In October 2016 OnePlay bought all websites associated with Desura, including IndieRoyale, from the former owner and have published a statement that they intend to revive both the Desura platform and IndieRoyale bundle site. This reopening was planned for the first quarter in 2017 but never materialized, OnePlay hopes to have all previous users accounts available, with all previous purchases intact and available for download.


The following bundles included games that could be activated on Desura:

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