Green Light Bundle
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Available Aug 24, 2012 — Sep 9, 2012
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The Green Light Bundle became available before Steam Greenlight voting opened. Purchasers were encouraged to rate the games in hope that they would be accepted on Steam.


Purchasers could set their price from one dollar up to 500 dollars. To receive all eight games it was necessary to pay at least five dollars.


The bundle contains Ichi, Muffin Knight, Dino Run SE, and Syder Arcade for any price. Paying at least five dollars added Samurai II Vengeance, Gunman Clive, Paper Monsters, Guerrilla Bob, and Major Mayhem (added Aug 30).


Since the purpose of the Green Light Bundle is to bring attention to games that are not yet available on Steam but have been entered in the Steam Greenlight program, no Steam keys are included at the time of purchase. Keys are promised for any games that make it into Steam. All the games in the bundle except for Samurai II Vengeance have been added to a Steam Greenlight collection called Green Light Bundle #1 so purchasers can easily vote for any games they like.


This bundle did not include any Desura keys.


All nine games in this bundle can be downloaded DRM-free for Windows.


All nine games in this bundle can be downloaded DRM-free for Mac.


This bundle did not support Linux.


Android versions of Ichi, Samurai II Vengeance, Gunman Clive, and Paper Monsters were added to the bundle on Aug 30.

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