Humble Bundle
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Humble Bundle is the first and best-known group to sell pay-what-you-want indie game bundles. Most of their bundles allow the purchaser to decide how their price is split between game developers, charities, and the bundle itself. Most games in the bundles are available on Steam, and for a while Desura keys were included as well. Games are almost always available DRM-free for Windows, Mac, Linux, and sometimes Android. More recent bundles have introduced a minimum price for Steam keys due to abuse of people paying one cent to create new non-free Steam accounts to collect extra prizes during promotions.


Humble Bundle has released the following bundles so far:

  1. Humble Indie Bundle
  2. Humble Indie Bundle #2
  3. Humble Frozenbyte Bundle
  4. Humble Indie Bundle #3
  5. Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle
  6. Humble Voxatron Debut
  7. Humble Introversion Bundle
  8. Humble Indie Bundle 4
  9. Humble Bundle for Android
  10. Humble Bundle Mojam
  11. Humble Bundle for Android #2
  12. Humble Botanicula Debut
  13. Humble Indie Bundle V
  14. Humble Music Bundle
  15. Humble Bundle for Android #3
  16. Humble Indie Bundle 6
  17. Humble eBook Bundle
  18. Humble Bundle for Android 4
  19. Amnesia Fortnight
  20. Humble THQ Bundle
  21. Humble Indie Bundle 7
  22. Humble Bundle Mojam 2
  23. Humble Bundle with Android 5
  24. Humble Weekly Sale: Bastion
  25. Humble Mobile Bundle
  26. Humble Weekly Sale: THQ
  27. Humble Weekly Sale: Tripwire
  28. Humble Weekly Sale: Blendo Games
  29. Humble Double Fine Bundle
  30. Humble Weekly Sale: Alan Wake
  31. Humble Indie Bundle 8
  32. Humble Weekly Sale: Telltale Games
  33. Humble Weekly Sale: Serious Sam
  34. Humble Weekly Sale: 11 bit studios
  35. Humble Bundle with Android 6
  36. Humble Weekly Sale: Rochard
  37. Humble Weekly Sale: Klei Entertainment
  38. Humble eBook Bundle 2
  39. Humble Weekly Sale: Two Tribes
  40. Humble Weekly Sale: Spiderweb Software
  41. Humble Weekly Sale: Jim Guthrie and friends
  42. Humble Weekly Sale: Positech Games
  43. Humble Deep Silver Bundle
  44. Humble Weekly Sale: 1C Company
  45. Humble Weekly Sale: Introversion Software
  46. Humble Origin Bundle
  47. Humble Weekly Sale: Hosted by PewDiePie
  48. Humble Comedy Bundle
  49. Humble Weekly Sale: Paradox Interactive
  50. Humble Weekly Sale: Arcen Games
  51. Humble Indie Bundle 9
  52. Humble Weekly Sale: Retro Shooters
  53. Humble Weekly Sale: EGOSOFT
  54. Humble Mobile Bundle 2
  55. Humble Weekly Sale: Kalypso Media
  56. Humble Weekly Sale: Nordic Games
  57. Humble Weekly Sale: Focus Home Interactive
  58. Humble Bundle with Android 7
  59. Humble Weekly Sale: Hothead Games
  60. Humble Weekly Sale: Cipher Prime
  61. Humble Weekly Sale: Team 17
  62. Humble WB Games Bundle
  63. Humble Weekly Sale: Daedalic Entertainment
  64. Humble Weekly Sale: bitComposer Games
  65. Humble Mobile Bundle 3
  66. Humble Weekly Sale: Zen Studios
  67. Humble Weekly Sale (Unnamed)
  68. Humble Jumbo Bundle
  69. Humble Weekly Sale: Multimedia Fusion 2
  70. Humble Weekly Sale: ACE Team, ATLUS Games and Tripwire Interactive
  71. Humble Bundle: PC and Android 8
  72. Humble Weekly Sale: Puppy Games
  73. Humble Weekly Sale: Penny Arcade
  74. Humble Weekly Sale: Amanita Design & Friends
  75. Humble Indie Bundle X
  76. Humble Weekly Sale: Frozenbyte
  77. Humble Weekly Sale: Bohemia Interactive
  78. Humble Audiobook Bundle
  79. Humble Weekly Sale: Roguelike
  80. Humble Weekly Sale: Codemasters
  81. Humble Sid Meier Bundle
  82. Humble Weekly Sale: Double Fine
  83. Amnesia Fortnight 2014
  84. Humble Weekly Sale: IndieCade
  85. Humble Indie Bundle 11
  86. Humble Weekly Sale: The Adventure Company and Friends
  87. Humble Weekly Sale: Simulators
  88. Humble Mobile Bundle 4
  89. Humble Weekly Sale: PopCap
  90. Devolver Digital Double Debut
  91. Humble Bundle of Love for Brandon
  92. Humble Weekly Sale: SEGA
  93. Humble eBook Bundle 3
  94. Humble Weekly Sale: Rhythm Games
  95. Humble Weekly Sale: Celebrating Open Source
  96. Humble Bundle: PC and Android 9
  97. Humble Weekly Sale hosted by Destructoid
  98. Humble Weekly Sale: PewDiePie Saves the Children
  99. Humble Mobile Bundle 5
  100. Humble Weekly -- Oh Man, You Should Totally Check That Game Out! Presented by Devolver Digital
  101. Humble Weekly Sale Presented by TSG
  102. Humble Image Comics Bundle
  103. Humble Weekly Bundle: Co-op
  104. Humble Weekly Bundle: Night Dive Studios
  105. Humble Daily Bundle: Humble Deep Silver Re-Bundle
  106. Humble Daily Bundle: From Outer Space
  107. Humble Doctor Who Comics Bundle
  108. Humble Daily Bundle: The Banner Saga
  109. Humble Weekly Bundle: Platforming
  110. Humble Daily Bundle: Humble Indie Bundle 8 Re-Bundle
  111. Humble Daily Bundle: Team 17
  112. Humble Daily Bundle: Hammerwatch
  113. Humble Daily Bundle: Melee
  114. Humble Daily Bundle: Crusader Kings
  115. Humble Daily Bundle: Flying
  116. Humble Daily Bundle (Unnamed)
  117. Humble Weekly Bundle by Triumph & Larian
  118. Humble Daily Bundle: Dungeons
  119. Humble Daily Bundle: EVE Online
  120. Humble Daily Bundle: Reverb
  121. Humble Daily Bundle: Napoleon
  122. Humble Bundle: PC and Android 10
  123. Humble eBook Bundle 4
  124. Humble Weekly Bundle: RPG Maker
  125. Humble Weekly Bundle: German Edition
  126. E3 Digital Ticket
  127. Humble Audiobook Bundle 2
  128. Humble Weekly Bundle: Indievision
  129. Humble Weekly Bundle: Strategy
  130. Summer Games Done Quick 2014
  131. Humble Music In Schools Bundle
  132. Humble Dynamite 10th Anniversary Bundle
  133. Humble Weekly Bundle: Frogwares <3 Ukraine
  134. Humble Weekly Bundle: Eye Candy
  135. Humble 2K Bundle
  136. Humble Sci-Fi eBook Bundle
  137. Humble Weekly Bundle: Gamepedia Presented by Curse
  138. Humble Flash Re-Bundle: Codemasters
  139. Humble Weekly Bundle: Simulators 2
  140. Humble Flash Re-Bundle: Simulators
  141. Skybound's The Walking Dead Bundle
  142. Humble Square Enix Bundle
  143. Humble Transformers Bundle
  144. Humble Weekly Bundle: Plug In Digital
  145. Humble Flash Bundle: Humongous Entertainment
  146. Humble Weekly Bundle: Sci-Fi Edition
  147. Humble Flash Bundle: Dejobaan Games
  148. Humble Mobile Bundle 6
  149. Humble Boom! Bundle
  150. Humble Weekly Bundle: Japan Edition
  151. Humble Flash Bundle: Artifex Mundi
  152. Humble Flash Bundle: Rhythm
  153. Humble Jumbo Bundle 2
  154. Humble Bookperk Bundle
  155. Humble SEGA Mobile Bundle
  156. Humble Weekly Bundle: Extra Credits
  157. Humble Flash Bundle: Modern Retro
  158. Humble Weekly Bundle: Adult Swim Games
  159. Humble Flash Bundle: The PAX 10
  160. Humble Star Trek Bundle
  161. Humble Weekly Bundle: Rock, Paper, Shotgun
  162. Humble Flash Bundle: So Cute!
  163. Humble Indie Bundle 12
  164. Humble Mobile Bundle 7
  165. Humble Weekly Bundle: Kalypso Media 2
  166. Humble Flash Bundle: Shmups
  167. Humble Valiant Bundle
  168. Humble Weekly Bundle: Merge Games
  169. Humble Flash Bundle: Yesteryear
  170. Humble Bundle: PC and Android 11
  171. Humble Mobile Bundle 8
  172. Humble Weekly Bundle: Leading Ladies
  173. Humble Flash Bundle: 11 bit studios
  174. Humble Oni Press Comics Bundle
  175. Humble Weekly Bundle: Neko Entertainment
  176. Humble Flash Bundle: KISS
  177. Humble Weekly Bundle: Nordic Games 2
  178. Humble Mobile Bundle 9
  179. Humble Weekly Bundle: IndieCade 2
  180. Humble Flash Bundle: Surprise Attack
  181. Humble Mozilla Bundle
  182. Humble Star Wars Comics Bundle
  183. Humble Weekly Bundle: Vancouver Edition
  184. Humble Flash Bundle: Extra Life
  185. Humble Mo-Boo!-ile Bundle
  186. Humble Weekly Bundle: Get Your Learn On
  187. Humble Flash Bundle: Boo!
  188. Humble InDIE Bundle 13
  189. Humble Horror Boo!k Bundle
  190. Humble HalloWeekly Bundle
  191. Humble Weekly Bundle: Racing
  192. Humble Jumbo Bundle 3
  193. Humble Scholastic Audiobook Bundle
  194. Humble Weekly Bundle: Team 17 Evolved
  195. Humble Weekly Bundle: Joystiq
  196. Humble Crescent Moon Mobile Bundle
  197. Humble SEGA Bundle
  198. Games Against Ebola
  199. My Little Pony Humble Comics Bundle
  200. Humble Weekly Bundle: Zen Studios 2 
  201. Humble Flash Bundle: Paradox's Giving Tuesday with charity: water
  202. Yogscast Jingle Jam
  203. Humble Weekly Bundle: Simulators 3
  204. Humble Dynamite MEGA Holidays Bundle
  205. Humble Weekly Bundle: Iceberg Interactive
  206. Humble Weekly Bundle: RPG Edition - Book I
  207. Humble Noodlecake Mobile Bundle
  208. Humble Doctor Who Audiobook Bundle
  209. Humble Weekly Bundle: Games by Developers in Cold Places
  210. Humble Weekly Bundle: Eye Candy 2
  211. Humble Awesome Games Done Quick 2015 Bundle
  212. Humble Image Comics Bundle 2
  213. Humble Weekly Bundle: Mastertronic
  214. Humble Weekly Bundle: Brawlers
  215. Humble Mobile Bundle 10
  216. Humble Card Game Bundle
  217. Humble Archie Comics Bundle
  218. Humble Weekly Bundle: Je Suis Charlie
  219. Humble Weekly Bundle: Made in Spain
  220. Humble Cartoon Network Mobile Bundle
  221. Star Wars Humble Bundle
  222. Humble Brainiac Book Bundle
  223. Humble Weekly Bundle: Adventures!
  224. Humble Weekly Bundle: For Lovers (of games)
  225. Humble Square Enix Bundle 2
  226. Humble Subterranean Press Book Bundle
  227. Humble Weekly Bundle: Co-op 2
  228. Humble Weekly Bundle: Made in Japan
  229. Humble Transformers Bundle 2
  230. Humble Weekly Bundle: Monochromatic
  231. Humble Bloom County Comics Bundle
  232. Humble PC & Android Bundle 12
  233. Humble Post-Apocalyptic Book Bundle
  234. Humble Weekly Bundle: Roguelikes 2
  235. Humble Weekly Bundle: Stand-Up Comedy
  236. Humble Indie Bundle 14
  237. Humble Indie Ballyhoo
  238. Humble Sci-Fi Book Bundle 2
  239. Humble Weekly Bundle: ARGGGHHH!! (these games are hard)
  240. Humble Mobile Bundle 11
  241. Humble Weekly Bundle: Tabletops
  242. Humble Origin Bundle 2
  243. Humble Underground Book Bundle
  244. Humble Weekly Bundle: Strategy 2
  245. Humble Tin Man Games Mobile Bundle
  246. Humble Weekly Bundle: Multiplayer Mayhem
  247. Humble Might & Magic Bundle
  248. Humble Kids Comics Bundle
  249. Humble Weekly Bundle: Indie Game Magazine
  250. Humble Mobile Bundle 12
  251. Humble Weekly Bundle: Surprise Attack
  252. Humble Paradox Interactive Bundle
  253. Humble Make: Book Bundle
  254. Humble Weekly Bundle: RPG Edition - Book II: The Quest for King Shlarmatharb's Sequel
  255. Humble Artifex Mundi Mobile Bundle
  256. Humble Weekly Bundle: Adventures! 2
  257. Humble Nindie Bundle
  258. Humble IDW/Top Shelf Comics Bundle
  259. Humble Weekly Bundle: Relic Entertainment
  260. Humble Mobile Bundle 13
  261. Humble Weekly Bundle: Slitherine
  262. Humble Indie Bundle: All-Stars
  263. Humble Jim Henson Comics Bundle
  264. Humble Weekly Bundle: Retroism
  265. E3 2015 Digital Ticket
  266. Humble BulkyPix Mobile Bundle
  267. Humble School's Out Book Bundle
  268. Humble Weekly Bundle: cats! Cats! CATS!
  269. Humble Borderlands Bundle
  270. Humble Weekly Bundle: Eye Candy 3
  271. Humble Gamer Comics Bundle
  272. Humble Weekly Bundle: Leading Ladies 2
  273. Humble Game Making Bundle
  274. Humble Bundle Presents Tales From India
  275. Humble Weekly Bundle: Bohemia Interactive 2
  276. Humble Books Bundle: Made With Kickstarter
  277. Humble Weekly Bundle: Kickstarter Edition
  278. Humble NEOGEO Mobile Bundle
  279. Humble Jumbo Bundle 4
  280. Humble Weekly Bundle: Simulators 4
  281. Humble Music Books Bundle
  282. Humble Weekly Bundle: Games from Japan
  283. Humble Games Workshop Mobile Bundle
  284. Humble BANDAI NAMCO Bundle
  285. Humble Dungeons & Dragons Comics Bundle
  286. Humble Weekly Bundle: The Return of Space Boy
  287. Humble PC & Android Bundle 13
  288. Humble Weekly Bundle: Might & Magic
  289. Humble Humongous Mobile Bundle
  290. Humble Audiobook Bundle: Star Wars
  291. Humble Weekly Bundle: Rising Star Games
  292. Humble Tom Clancy Bundle
  293. Humble Weekly Bundle: Merge Games & Friends
  294. Humble Mobile Bundle 14
  295. Humble Books Bundle: Neil Gaiman Rarities
  296. Humble Weekly Bundle: Super Slam Showdown
  297. Humble Total War Bundle
  298. Humble Weekly Bundle: Play and Create with GameMaker
  299. Humble Mobile Bundle 15
  300. Humble Comics Bundle: Forbidden Comics
  301. Humble Weekly Bundle: Fantastic Arcade
  302. Humble Indie Bundle 15
  303. Humble Mobile Bundle: Eye Candy
  304. Humble Audiobook Bundle: Goosebumps
  305. Humble Weekly Bundle: Nordic Games 3
  306. Humble Capcom Bundle
  307. Humble Weekly Bundle: Valentine's Day 2
  308. Humble Mobile Bundle: Kemco
  309. Humble Comics Bundle: Udderly Gigantic Top Cow Collection
  310. Humble Weekly Bundle: Games Workshop
  311. Humble Jumbo Bundle 5
  312. Humble Comics Bundle: Army of Darkness
  313. Humble Weekly Bundle: Day of the Devs
  314. Humble Mobile Bundle 16
  315. Humble Comics Bundle: Peanuts
  316. Humble Weekly Bundle: Extra Life
  317. Humble Monthly Bundle: November 2015
  318. Humble Book Bundle: DIY
  319. Humble Weekly Bundle: Made in Singapore
  320. Humble Comics Bundle: The X-Files
  321. Humble Weekly Bundle: Japan Edition All-Stars
  322. Humble Codemasters Bundle
  323. Humble Book Bundle: Prime Sci-Fantasy
  324. Humble Weekly Bundle: Team17 - The Threequel
  325. Yogscast Jingle Jam 2015
  326. Humble Book Bundle: Learn Raspberry Pi + Arduino
  327. Humble Weekly Bundle: Gambitious Digital Entertainment
  328. Humble Monthly Bundle: December 2015
  329. Humble NEOGEO 25th Anniversary Bundle
  330. Humble Weekly Bundle: Total War Encore
  331. Humble Comics Bundle: 10 Years of Boom!
  332. Humble Weekly Bundle: Sports!
  333. Humble Square Enix Bundle 3
  334. Humble Audiobook Bundle: Worlds of Doctor Who
  335. Humble Weekly Bundle: Eye Candy 4
  336. Humble Book Bundle: Be the Boss
  337. Humble Weekly Bundle: RiffTrax
  338. Humble Monthly Bundle: January 2016
  339. Humble Book Bundle: Lonely Planet
  340. Humble Weekly Bundle: Tom Clancy Encore
  341. Humble Comics Bundle: Image Comics
  342. Humble Weekly Bundle: Full Motion Video
  343. Humble Mobile Bundle: BANDAI NAMCO
  344. Humble Firaxis Bundle
  345. Humble Audiobook Bundle: Smart Fun! Best of Public Radio
  346. Humble Book Bundle: Origami Yoda
  347. Humble Weekly Bundle: Focus Home Interactive 2
  348. Humble Ubisoft Bundle
  349. Humble Book Bundle: 3D Printing & Drones
  350. Humble Weekly Bundle: Make Your Move
  351. Humble Monthly Bundle: February 2016
  352. Humble Comics Bundle: Best Selling Authors
  353. Humble Mobile Bundle: Kemco 2
  354. Humble Gamepedia Online Multiplayer Bundle
  355. Humble Book Bundle: Sci-Fi Classics
  356. Humble Weekly Bundle: Orbyt Play
  357. Humble Indie Bundle 16
  358. Humble RPG Book Bundle: Pathfinder
  359. Humble Weekly Bundle: Iceberg Interactive 2
  360. Humble Monthly Bundle: March 2016
  361. Star Wars Humble Bundle 2
  362. Humble Comics Bundle: Pathfinder
  363. Humble Weekly Bundle: Zen Studios 3
  364. Humble Jumbo Bundle 6
  365. Humble Audiobook Bundle: Lord of the Rings
  366. MIX Digital Preview Ticket
  367. Humble Cryengine Bundle
  368. Humble Book Bundle: Emerging Sci-Fi & Thriller Authors
  369. Humble Mobile Bundle 17
  370. Humble SEGA Strategy Bundle
  371. Humble Comics Bundle: Aspen Comics
  372. Humble Indie Font Bundle
  373. Humble Comics Bundle: Buffy, Angel & Spike
  374. Humble Monthly Bundle: April 2016
  375. Humble Staff Picks Bundle: Glen
  376. Humble Book Bundle: Sci-Fi Specials
  377. Humble Telltale Games Bundle
  378. Humble Audiobook Bundle: Demon Wars Saga
  379. Humble Devolver Digital Bundle
  380. Humble Comics Bundle: My Little Pony 2
  381. Humble Friends of Nintendo Bundle
  382. Humble Book Bundle: Hacking
  383. Humble Mobile Bundle 18
  384. Humble Eye Candy Bundle
  385. Humble Manga Bundle: Kodansha Comics
  386. Humble Monthly Bundle: May 2016
  387. Humble Capcom Super Turbo HD Remix ReBundle
  388. Humble Comics Bundle: Garth Ennis
  389. Humble Deep Silver Bundle 2
  390. Humble Book Bundle: Muder and Mystery Novels
  391. Humble The Ubisoft Bundle Encore
  392. Humble Book Bundle: Intoxicating, Extraordinary Fiction
  393. Humble Narrative Bundle
  394. Humble Comics Bundle: Ghostbusters
  395. Humble Monthly Bundle: June 2016
  396. Humble Staff Picks Bundle: Hamble
  397. Humble Book Bundle: LGBTQ
  398. E3 2016 Digital Ticket
  399. Humble Book Bundle: Electronics
  400. Humble NEOGEO Encore Bundle
  401. Humble Sonic 25th Anniversary Bundle
  402. Humble Comics Bundle: Sonic the Hedgehog
  403. Humble PC & Android Bundle 14
  404. Humble Comics Bundle: Star Trek
  405. Humble Monthly Bundle: July 2016
  406. Humble Summer Games Done Quick Bundle
  407. Humble Magazine Bundle: Star Trek
  408. Humble Bundle Revelmode
  409. Humble Comics Bundle: Grant Morrison
  410. Humble 2K Bundle 2
  411. Humble Book Bundle: Puzzles
  412. Humble Mobile Bundle 19
  413. Humble RPG Book Bundle: Vampire: The Masquerade
  414. Humble Book Bundle: Start Your Own Tech Company
  415. Humble Monthly Bundle: August 2016
  416. Humble Survive This Bundle
  417. Humble Comics Bundle: Dark Horse Comics 30th Anniversary
  418. Humble Indie Bundle 17
  419. Humble Book Bundle: The Joy of Coding
  420. Humble Capcom Playstation Bundle
  421. Humble Book Bundle: True Murder and Madness
  422. Humble Sierra Bundle
  423. Humble Magazine Bundle: MAD Magazine
  424. Humble Monthly Bundle: September 2016
  425. Humble Mobile Bundle 20
  426. Humble Gamemaker Bundle
  427. Humble Book Bundle: National Park Service 100th Anniversary
  428. Humble Book Bundle: Science Fiction By Real Scientists
  429. Humble Artifex Mundi PC & Mobile Bundle
  430. Humble Jumbo Bundle 7
  431. Humble Book Bundle: Forbidden Books
  432. Humble Clickteam Fusion Bundle
  433. Humble Book Bundle: Fan Faves + Digital Debuts
  434. Humble Company of Heroes Anniversary Bundle
  435. Humble Comics Bundle: Transformers Revolution
  436. Humble Monthly Bundle: October 2016
  437. Humble Mobile Bundle 21
  438. Humble Book Bundle: Cosplay
  439. Humble Book Bundle: Hacking Capitalism
  440. Humble Mobile Bundle: RiffTrax
  441. Humble Gems Bundle
  442. Humble Comics Bundle: Doctor Who
  443. Humble Day of the Devs 2016 Bundle
  444. Humble Lifehacker Software Bundle
  445. Humble RPG Book Bundle: Fiction Faves
  446. Humble Monthly Bundle: November 2016
  447. Humble Mobile Bundle: Board Games
  448. Humble Blockjam Bundle
  449. Humble Unreal Engine Bundle
  450. Humble Book Bundle: LEGO
  451. Humble RPG Book Bundle: Pathfinder 2
  452. Humble Mobile Bundle: HandyGames
  453. Humble Staff Picks Bundle: Nick
  454. Humble Book Bundle: Unix
  455. Humble Tycoon Simulator Bundle
  456. Humble Book Bundle: Science & Discovery
  457. Yogscast Jingle Jam 2016
  458. Humble Monthly Bundle: December 2016
  459. Humble Book Bundle: Neil Gaiman
  460. Humble Book Bundle: Code Your Own Games
  461. Humble Sierra Bundle Strikes Back
  462. Humble Book Bundle: Astronomy
  463. Humble GameDev Software Bundle
  464. Humble Book Bundle: Science Fiction Manga by Nihei
  465. Humble Assassin’s Creed Bundle
  466. Humble Monthly Bundle: January 2017
  467. Humble Overwhelmingly Positive Bundle
  468. Humble RPG Book Bundle: Pathfinder Worldscape
  469. Humble Book Bundle: Dude Care
  470. Humble Bundle's Best of 2016
  471. Humble Comics Bundle: IMAGE at 25
  472. Humble Comics Bundle: Tank Girl presented by Titan
  473. Humble Starbreeze Bundle: Presents John Wick
  474. Humble BANDAI NAMCO Bundle 2
  475. Humble Book Bundle: Hacks presented by O'Reilly
  476. Humble Monthly Bundle: February 2017
  477. Humble Mobile Bundle: RPGs!!!
  478. Star Wars Humble Bundle III
  479. Humble Comics Bundle: Valiant Heroes
  480. Humble Freedom Bundle
  481. Humble Software Bundle for PC Lovers
  482. Humble Book Bundle: Fantastic Fiction presented by Subterranean Press
  483. Humble Civilization Bundle
  484. Humble Book Bundle: Arduino & Raspberry Pi presented by MAKE:
  485. Humble ARMA Bundle
  486. Humble Comics Bundle: Creators Showcase presented by IDW
  487. Humble Monthly Bundle: March 2017
  488. Humble Jumbo Bundle 8
  489. Humble Audiobook Bundle: Doctor Who & Torchwood presented by Big Finish
  490. Humble Mobile Bundle: Best of Strategy
  491. Humble Book Bundle: Women of Science Fiction & Fantasy presented by Open Road Media
  492. Humble Software Bundle: Streaming
  493. Humble Book Bundle: History presented by The Associated Press
  494. Humble Hooked on Multiplayer Bundle
  495. Humble Book Bundle: The Horus Heresy presented by Black Library
  496. Humble Wikipedia Bundle
  497. Amnesia Fortnight 2017
  498. Humble THQ Nordic PlayStation Bundle
  499. Humble Book Bundle: Python presented by No Starch
  500. Humble Monthly Bundle: April 2017
  501. Humble Intergalactic Bundle
  502. Humble Book Bundle: Brandon Sanderson
  503. Humble Mobile Bundle: Great Adventures
  504. Humble Wild Frontier Bundle
  505. Humble Book Bundle: Save the Unicorns presented by Peter S. Beagle
  506. Humble Software Bundle: Happy PC
  507. Humble Comics Bundle: Bloom County presented by IDW
  508. Humble Very Positive Bundle
  509. Humble Comics Bundle: Kevin Smith & Friends presented by Dynamite
  510. Humble Monthly Bundle: May 2017
  511. Humble tinyBuild Bundle
  512. Humble Book Bundle: Super Nebula Author Showcase presented by SFWA
  513. Humble Indie Bundle 18
  514. Humble Book Bundle: MAKE: Essentials — Maker Faire Special
  515. Humble Mobile Bundle: Epic Platformers
  516. Humble GameOn Bundle
  517. Humble Comics Bundle: The Art of Michael Turner presented by Aspen Comics
  518. Humble Adult Swim Games Bundle
  519. Humble Book Bundle: Linux & Open Source presented by Apress
  520. Humble Monthly Bundle: June 2017
  521. Humble Mobile Bundle: Crescent Moon 2
  522. Humble Sekai Project Bundle
  523. Humble Comics Bundle: Eisner Nominees 2017 Showcase
  524. Humble Oceans Day Bundle
  525. E3 2017 Digital Ticket
  526. Humble Comics Bundle: Best of BOOM!
  527. Humble Mobile Bundle: Roguelikes
  528. Humble Software Bundle
  529. Humble Manga Bundle: Fairy Tail presented by Kodansha Comics
  530. Humble Audiobook Bundle: Hackers, Gamers & Geeks presented by Novel Audio
  531. Humble Book Bundle: Stranger Creatures supporting the Jane Goodall Institute
  532. Humble Monthly Bundle: July 2017
  533. Humble Mobile Bundle: KEMCO X HyperDevbox
  534. Humble Capcom Rising Bundle
  535. Humble Comics Bundle: Jack Kirby & Will Eisner Centennial Celebration
  536. Humble Book Bundle: Cybersecurity presented by Wiley
  537. Humble Telltale Bundle
  538. Humble RPG Book Bundle: Doctor Who
  539. Humble Saints Row Bundle
  540. Humble Book Bundle: Fandom & Philosophy presented by Wiley-Blackwell
  541. Humble Mobile Bundle: Puzzles (Critical Hits)
  542. Humble Book Bundle: Unreal Engine & Unity 5 presented by Packt>
  543. Humble GameMaker Rebundle
  544. Humble Comics Bundle: Best of Fantagraphics
  545. Humble Monthly Bundle: August 2017
  546. Humble microJUMBO Bundle
  547. Humble Book Bundle: Brainiac 2 presented by No Starch
  548. Humble Book Bundle: LEGO MINDSTORMS & Robotics presented by Apress
  549. Humble 2K PlayStation Bundle
  550. Humble Comics Bundle: Transformers vs. G.I. Joe presented by IDW
  551. Humble Spooky Horror Bundle
  552. Humble Comics Bundle: Battlestar Galactica presented by Dynamite
  553. Humble Book Bundle: Electronics & Programming presented by Make:
  554. Humble Jumbo Bundle 9
  555. Humble Book Bundle: Data Science presented by O'Reilly
  556. Humble Software Bundle: Video & Photo Editing presented by Cyberlink
  557. Humble Monthly Bundle: September 2017
  558. Vive La Humble Mobile Bundle: Made in France!
  559. Humble Hunie Sakura Bundle
  560. Humble Book Bundle: Adventure Travel presented by Lonely Planet
  561. Humble Book Bundle: Land a Tech Job For Dummies presented by Wiley
  562. Humble Capcom X SEGA X ATLUS Bundle
  563. Humble RPG Book Bundle: Warhammer
  564. Humble Very Positive Bundle 2
  565. Humble Book Bundle: Treat Yourself presented by Callisto
  566. Humble Book Bundle: Hacking Reloaded presented by No Starch Press
  567. Humble THQ Nordic PlayStation Bundle Encore
  568. Humble Book Bundle: Haikasoru presented by VIZ Media
  569. Humble Gems Bundle 2
  570. Humble Mobile Bundle: Made in Korea
  571. Humble Stardock Bundle
  572. Humble Book Bundle: Adventures in Science Fiction by Open Road Media
  573. Humble RPG Maker Software Bundle
  574. Humble Monthly Bundle: October 2017
  575. Humble Book Bundle: Bitcoin, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency
  576. Humble Endless RPG Lands Bundle
  577. Humble RPG Book Bundle: Pathfinder Worldscape Ultimate Crossover presented by Paizo & Dynamite
  578. Humble Software Bundle 2
  579. Humble Mobile Bundle: HeroCraft
  580. Humble Down Under Bundle
  581. Humble Book Bundle: Win at Work
  582. Humble Book Bundle: Cloud Computing presented by Packt>
  583. Humble Day of the Devs Bundle 2017
  584. Humble RPG Book Bundle: WARMACHINE, HORDES, and Iron Kingdoms
  585. Humble Mobile Bundle: Halloween
  586. Humble Extra Life Bundle 2017
  587. Humble Jumbo Bundle 10
  588. Humble Book Bundle: Multi-Genre Fiction by Night Shade
  589. Humble Monthly Bundle: November 2017
  590. Humble Book Bundle: Start a Startup by Wiley
  591. Humble Strategy Simulator Bundle
  592. Humble Comics Bundle: Sex & Science presented by Top Cow
  593. Humble Care Package Bundle
  594. Humble Comics Bundle: James Bond
  595. Humble Book Bundle: Java presented by O’Reilly
  596. Humble Book Bundle: Stellar Sci-Fi & Fantasy by Tachyon
  597. Humble Codemasters Racing Bundle 2017
  598. Humble Comics Bundle: Riverdale & Archie
  599. Yogscast Jingle Jam 2017
  600. Humble Monthly Bundle: December 2017
  601. Humble Book Bundle: Network & Security Certification by Wiley
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Weekly SaleEdit

After the Humble Bundle with Android 5 ended (March 19, 2013), Humble Bundle offered its first Humble Weekly Sale. A promotion is offered for pay-what-you-want, changing every Tuesday. Similarly to the bundles, a Steam key is only provided for purchases $1 or more. Beating the average adds additional items. After the Humble Weekly Bundle: Zen Studios 3 ended (March 2016) the weekly bundles went on an indefinite hiatus and have not returned.

Humble Monthly BundleEdit

In October 2015 Humble Bundle announced a new monthly bundle which would start in November 2015, called the Humble Monthly Bundle. This bundle features a selection of Steam games every month for a set price, with 5% of net Humble Monthly Bundle proceeds going to charity. Each bundle can only be ordered before release, with the contents hidden until after release (at which time the bundle is no longer available to purchase).


Humble Bundle usually supports two charities: the EFF and Child's Play. Purchasers can choose how their price is split, even opting to give the entire amount to charity. Occasionally the charity options are different: HIB4 supported the American Red Cross instead of the EFF for the holidays, Mojam supported charity: water and the American Red Cross in addition to the usual EFF and Child's Play for a total of four charities (with all proceeds going to charity), and Botanicula supported just the World Land Trust since it fit with the game’s theme.


Humble Bundles are usually (and initially were always) cross-platform. This often means that games get ported to Linux and Mac shortly before being included in a bundle. Humble Bundle initially stood out by formerly requiring (and continues to at least encourage) bundled games to offer options for Windows, Mac, and Linux while other bundles typically include Mac and Linux versions only if the game already had such versions. Windows gets practically all games available for a computer while Mac and even moreso Linux are often left out. Thus, many Mac and Linux purchasers appreciated Humble Bundle’s work toward encouraging cross-platform gaming.

Humble Bundle has made installation on Linux even easier for those using Ubuntu (the most popular Linux distribution) by making them available through the Ubuntu Software Center. There are still some compatibility issues on Linux though, especially for those who choose open source video drivers over closed source nvidia / ATI drivers. See the List of Humble Bundle Games Playable on Free Drivers to find out which games from Humble Bundles can be played on Linux using open source drivers.

Some Humble Bundle games are not cross-platform, which is more common in the weekly sales. When this happens it is indicated on the purchase page. Linux is the most often platform left out.


Humble Bundles are usually (and initially were always) DRM-free. This often means that games get a DRM-free version shortly before being included in a bundle, and often only in this bundle. Humble Bundle stands out by requiring or at least encouraging bundled games to offer DRM-free options for Windows, Mac, and Linux while other bundles typically include them only if the game already had such versions.

Some Humble Bundle games are not DRM-free, which is more common in the weekly sales. When this happens it is indicated on the purchase page.


Humble Bundle started out offering a single Steam key that would activate all bundle games together, which was available for all purchasers. Purchasers beating the average price would receive a different or additional key to provide the games that were only available to purchasers beating the average. After The Humble Indie Bundle 4, Steam keys were only provided to purchasers paying at least $1, and after The Humble Indie Bundle 6 Steam keys went from a couple bundled keys to individual keys for each game, though The Humble Indie Bundle 8 returned to bundled keys.

Starting with The Humble Weekly Sale: Team 17, Steam keys are no longer provided for copy-paste activation. Instead, the download page uses the Steam API to redeem games to a linked Steam account. While this is simpler for activating all games on the same Steam account, it is more difficult to share individual games among multiple accounts. Humble Bundle’s terms of service has always said the entire bundle is for personal use only, and this Steam redemption process enforces it to a degree.


With The Humble Frozenbyte Bundle, Desura keys started being included with Humble Bundles. This lasted until The Humble Indie Bundle 4. By that point, Indie Royale (which is associated with Desura) had established itself by putting out 4 bundles, so it’s possible Desura stopped cooperating with Humble Bundle or that Humble Bundle decided to leave Desura keys to Indie Royale.


Humble Bundle added the option of making an account, which allows purchasers to organize all of their Humble Bundle purchases under a single login instead of keeping track of a separate e-mail message with a link for each bundle. Visit to sign in or create an account. If all your Humble Bundle purchases were made with the same e-mail address, creating an account with that address automatically adds all of your bundles. You can also manually add other bundles by visiting the link from the e-mail and using the add option that appears on the page if you are logged in.

Open source gamesEdit

Some games went open source after being featured in a Humble Bundle. A full list of open source games can be found here.

Controversy / Acquisition by IGNEdit

On October 13, 2017 Jeffrey Rosen (Humble Bundle Co-Founder & CEO) announced that Humble Bundle would be "joining forces" with IGN.

Many people had concerns over this partnership, and the topic is still discussed/mentioned on many gaming forums as the "worst move in history".

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