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Game Music Bundle's fourth bundle, containing the soundtracks from various iOS/mobile games.

Tier 1[]

  • Horn soundtrack by Austin Wintory
  • Squids 2 - Wild West soundtrack by Romain Gauthier
  • Puzzlejuice Original Soundtrack by Big Giant Circles
  • Globulous - Original Soundtrack by zircon and Jeff Ball
  • Organ Trail - Director's Cut OST by Ben Crossbones

Tier 2[]

  • Super Hexagon EP by Chipzel
  • Wyv and Keep by Luke Thomas
  • Aliens Incursion by elmobo
  • Flight of Angels - Splice OST by Dain Saint
  • Mecho Wars HD - Original Soundtrack by Sean Beeson
  • Polymer - Original Soundtrack by Whitaker Trebella
  • iBlast Moki 2 by Romain Gauthier
  • Super Stickman Gold by Whitaker Trebella
  • Happy Street by Romain Gauthier
  • Contingency by Big Giant Circles