IndieFort Bundle 2
Indiefort 2
From IndieFort
Available June 18, 2012 — June 25, 2012
DRM Drm-free-icon
Platforms Windows-icon Mac-icon

The IndieFort Bundle 2 was the second bundle from IndieFort.


The 6 games in IndieFort Bundle 2 could be bought for a minimum price of $6. Everything paid over that went directly to the developers.


The bundle started with 3079, Fortix 2, Aztaka, Dark Scavenger, DEMISE: Ascension and Intrusion 2. Later on bonuscontent was added: Cardinal Quest Soundtrack. Puckbang Game Devil Whiskey Soundtrack. Mordor Game (Secret Unlock).


All six games in this bundle can be downloaded DRM-free for Windows.

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