IndieFort Countdown Bundle
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Available Nov 23, 2012 — Dec 27, 2012
DRM Steam GamersGate
Platforms Windows Mac Android


The Bundle[edit | edit source]

The IndieFort Countdown Bundle was a set of five bundles of 4 games each, with each bundle available for 1 week. Part of the proceeds went to the Help-Daniel charity. Additional Bonuses were unlocked upon reaching .

Pricing[edit | edit source]

Each bundle was available for a base price of $4, and the buyer could choose to pay additional to either the developers or charity. For each bundle bought, a stacking $1 discount to the minimum was given for all subsequent countdown bundle purchases. If one bought all the bundles, the price of each would be $4 for the first one, $3 for the second bundle, $2 for the third, $1 for the fourth and the final bundle would be free. The minimum full price was $10 to buy all the offered bundles.

A GamersGate key was included for all games. Additional Steam keys were be provided for the games in the bundle that were currently available on Steam All but 2 of the other games are on Steam Greenlight (here is a link to the Greenlight Collection) and a Steam key was pledged for those when they are greenlit with your votes. So please spare a minute to vote YES for them on their respective Steam Greenlight pages (those marked with (Greenlight) below).

Games[edit | edit source]

WEEK 1: The Fueling Up Bundle (Nov 23-29)

WEEK 2: The Space Suit Bundle (Nov 30 – Dec 6)

WEEK 3: The Oxygen Bundle (Dec 7-13)

WEEK 4: The Ignition Bundle (Dec 14-20)

WEEK 5: The Liftoff Bundle (Dec 21-27)

Bonus Content Bundle 1

Bonus Content Bundle 2

Unlockable Content[edit | edit source]

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