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Indie Gala 9
From Indie Gala
Available Sep 19, 2012 — Oct 10, 2012
BTA Games
DRM Steam Desura
Platforms Windows Mac Android

Indie Gala 9 was the eleventh bundle from Indie Gala.


Purchasers can pay as low as one cent to buy the bundle, but a minimum of one dollar was necessary to get any Steam games. Paying more than the average added seven more games and a music album.


The bundle included Battle Group and Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land for all purchasers. For those paying at least one dollar, Worms and Alien Breed 2: Assault were also included. Paying more than the average added Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars, Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror, Broken Sword III: The Sleeping Dragon, Worms Blast, Worms Crazy Golf, Worms Pinball, Alien Breed 3: Descent, and Smooth Operators.


All games except Battle Group, Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land, and Smooth Operators were made available as a separate Steam key to activate the game on the purchaser’s account.


Battle Group was made available as a Desura key. Starting in Sep, 2013 a Desura key could be requested via email ( for Smooth Operators. (Indie Gala claims there are "technical difficulties" adding the keys to the profile pages).


Smooth Operators can be downloaded DRM-free for Windows.


No DRM-free Mac downloads were included.


None of the games in this bundle support Linux.


Battle Group and Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land were available as Android downloads.