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This template makes it easy for other templates to use image parameters. Instead of making the user of the template enter the full image markup, only a minimal part needs to be entered to save time. The following all have the same result:
Markup Result
{{Easy Image|File:Indiegala-1.png}} Indiegala-1.png
{{Easy Image|Image:Indiegala-1.png}} Indiegala-1.png
{{Easy Image|Indiegala-1.png}} Indiegala-1.png
{{Easy Image|File:Indiegala-1}} Indiegala-1.png
{{Easy Image|Image:Indiegala-1}} Indiegala-1.png
{{Easy Image|Indiegala-1}} Indiegala-1.png


{{Easy Image|image|width}}

Typically image will be passed through as {{{image|}}} where the template making use of {{Easy Image}} has a parameter named image. If the image ends with .png, that part can be left off. Images ending in .jpg still need to specify the .jpg in order to be found. Specifying a width is optional, typically used if the image needs to be limited to a specific width.

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