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Use this template in the bundles value for the Game Template to specify a bundle the game has been in. For games that have been in more than one bundle, use this template multiple times.


{{inbundle|bundle name|distribution1|<...>|<distribution6>}}

The first parameter is the page name for the bundle, and is required.

The remaining parameters are a list of the ways the bundle included the game. At least one is required, and options should come from this list in this order: Steam, Desura, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android. Note: For this template, platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android) mean that the bundle came with a DRM-free download for that platform.


Using Ichi as an example, this code is entered:

{{inbundle|The Graduation Bundle|Desura|Windows|Mac}}
{{inbundle|Indie Gala Mobile 2|Android}}
{{inbundle|Green Light Bundle|Windows|Mac|Android}}

...which then displays like this:

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