• Thanks for your edits. When adding a bundle entry to a Game please make sure to use the inbundle template.

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    • Redlenses wrote: When adding a bundle entry to a Game please make sure to use the inbundle template.

      Is the template actually used for something? Because that one seems like over-templating to me, which is a minor problem I've seen elsewhere on here (the Bundle template automatically adding a Bundle header, the Developer entry being automatically linked by the template, {{Easy Image}}, etc.) I'd rather avoid its use if it's not actually used for complicated transclusions elsewhere.

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    • We use the templates to keep the content in a standard format, to reduce typing, and so that people don't leave required elements out of entries. Sorry if you consider "over-templating", but it's the standard used for the elements of the site, so we ask that you please follow it.

      Another standard of the site that we ask that you follow is to mark incomplete entries as stubs so that they are flagged as needing to be finished. An example of this would be when adding a bundle and not filling in all the sections about pricing, games, distributions, etc.


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    • It's a bit overkill to have a template just for making a list. And similarly, for auto-linking the Developer in a game entry, what if a game has two developers, or you want to add a citation for the developer? It's hard to create a balance between standardization, simplification, and oversimplification. In the few cases I outlined, it seems to me to be going just a bit too far. It also means that whenever you want to add an entry you sort of need a crib sheet of the many many templates that exist rather than relying on the base MediaWiki syntax which translates to every MediaWiki installation.

      The inbundle template is a perfect example of where you can harmlessly transition between the template and non-template version. I'd recommend you reconsider the use of templates in the few situations I've outlined. I can switch to use the templates, but going forward it makes it more difficult to make what would otherwise be minor changes in the MediaWiki syntax. For example, say you wanted to add lead text to a Game page. Well, you can't do that without the template supporting lead text. Whereas if you just had a standard MediaWiki header, you could easily add lead text as you would normally.

      Perhaps a better solution for the inbundle template would be to have a separate icon template e.g. {{Icons}} which then shows icons for e.g. Steam, Desura, etc. so that the format would be:

      * [[Bundle name]] {{icons|Steam|Desura}}

      Here you've actually added 3 bytes, so it's not offering that big of a savings unless you have multiple icons. In such a case, an {{Icons}} or {{i}} template might be useful.

      Alternatively, if you think Standardization is really going to be a problem going forward, you could create a button to create a base page for a game or bundle using preloaded text. An example would be the "Click here to create a new request" button I added to the Wikipedia Resource Exchange board. When clicked, it preloads text for the user to edit rather than just having them copy/paste a boilerplate themselves.

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    • Re:Templates The reason the site makes such heavy use of templates is because the average user for this site is a gamer, not a mediawiki/wikia nerd. By using templates, it's very easy for people without wiki syntax knowledge to fill things in - for the most part they can copy paste and be done. The auto-linking means that the causal user doesn't have to know how to add categories (or worry about that). There are problems with deciding not to use templates at this point, not using them is not harmless - specifically if we were to decide to change the layout of how information is presented (for example the inbundle template - let's say we changed the way things are displayed to clarify which icons were distribution vs drm-free. For templates it would be a template change and all game pages would immediately be updated - by not using templates, pretty much every entry you create not using the template would have to be redone).

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