• Odie,

    I can assure you the new wiki's license is not foul and the copying of the content is in fact legal. It is not run by people "banned from Wikia", every administrator on the IGBWiki has a Wikia account in good standing. We legally can move, as the CC-BY-SA license that Wikia uses allows for it. MyWikis Staff have taken precautions and linked back to Wikia on every IGBWiki page for legal purposes. As far as your comments go, they will not be appreciated at the new IGBWiki and you are not welcome contributing at either site unless you stop complaining and apologize.

    We're sorry you feel this way but it seems you are becoming very inconstructive and therefore you may not edit at either wiki until you apologize. I'm sure Wikia Staff will agree with our verdict as I am very familiar with the CC-BY-SA and so will the Wikia and MyWikis Staff.

    You were not blocked because you said bad things about our move, you were blocked because you were being intimidating and we don't appreciate trollsome behavior around either wikis.

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